Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Game Is Not Over

Prologue: Don’t ask me about the purpose of this post, because I will let your perception.

Who has never been angry on this earth? After getting angry, what did you do? Forgive it? Forgiveness is the hard thing but make a decision about what to do after it is the hardest for me. 

The highest level of my anger was when I decided to never assume that the person who made me angry existed. Even though they were in front of my eyes, I always thought that they weren’t there. Why? Because what did they done were too hurt for me. I often want to give up and it feels like I want to go away from their life. 

But, what always happen in my life?

The harder I tried to go away, the easier I met them. I always asking Why? But after I was busy contemplating with myself then I found a point of view that if I left, I will make their life easier. But sorry if I wouldn’t make it easy for you because I decided to continue my life better. Although I need to present in your life, I will confront you anyway by still assuming that you are never existed. 

So sorry if THE GAME IS NOT OVER, baby. It is not me who have to go but you.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Respect to Their Choice

Hello SYBS*,

One fine Saturday at Sushi Bar, me and my friends discussing about our education goal, strategy, and timeline to reach it. Until there’s a conversation about some of my friend education who lived in planet K. I criticized about their consideration while choosing a university which seems random for me. They don't want to get out from their comfort zone. Below are mostly their considerations :

1. The distance between office or domicile to university;
2. They just need a title or degree;
3. Fee.

For me education is one of I need to think carefully about. So I won't choose point 1 or 2 as my consideration while choosing a university. Here are my ideas :

1. The quality of the university especially the major I would like to take. You can find it at QS World Rank;
2. The environment. I need an environment which safe, can drive me to be an open minded women, give me a freedom to express my opinion.

3. Fee. But, I'll struggle to get a scholarship if it can't be covered by my financial capability.

My friends remind me that all of my opinions were right but I need to respect their decision because he's sure if they take it depend on their needed and capability. He told me, "If they just need a degree and won't out from their comfort zone, so why? Let them do by their own path. You don't have a responsibility to them because you are not the one who sponsor their education".

Do you have any other consideration about choosing the university?

*Saudara yang Budiman (SYB): appellation for my blog readers. additional S behind for showing that it's a plural.