Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The Use of Child Soldiers in Armed Combat

This is my writing in my tumblr before....

Every child has a big dream. Do you remember? When we was on the elementary school, our teacher asked, “What is your dream, dear?” and we answered enthusiastly , “ I want to be a doctor”, “I want to be like you Ma’am I want to teach the child like you do”, “I want to be an architect because I want to make a house for my parents…” and many more.

But, what can we see now? A war in a several country, because of ego from the adults (major), destroyed that dreams. 
“..I had a dream my life would be 
So different from this hell I am living 
So different now from what it seem. 
Now life has killed the dream i dreamed” 
(I  Dreamed a Dream- populareted by Sussan Boyle)
Probably this song can explain how deep down from their children’s heart. Different with the child from the other country, they who lived in the war country, have to “kill” they dreams. They are still 14-18 years old, but they have to be a “volunteer” into a combat. The boys  have to be a “volunteer” for a war because of family pressure, political reasons, and the main factor is major determinant (ex: at Libya’s war) and the girls forced to have a marriage, victim of domestic violence, exploitation and abuse.

Are they thinking about the impact for childs?  Are they just emphasizing their ego?  They are ours, they are our next generation, they will make extraordinary breaktrough to solve the conflict without war.  Are they (who forced the children to be child soldier) ever thought that the children have to reach their dreams? Did  they hear their conscience? How dare they sacrifice the children dreams just for a POWER so the children got the injury or got killed?
            I think we will verry happy when we can hold each other on, no more child soldiers in armed combat. 
 “…event though we are not the same different ways 
and we walk on different path different road in this life 
can we hold each other hand together in this world 
and be as one
It will be a better place better hope
place that gives up peace of mind filled with love no more tears 
place where you and I can love 
no more cries on this life 
the place for us to be one..”
(To be One- Gita Gutawa)
 What a wonderful world if we are UNITED.