Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Open Space Layout at Work in My Point of View

Hello sybs, I think it’s gonna be fun if we can discuss about office room design. As you may know, different types of office layouts have different effects on employee relations and communications (Brennan, Chugh, & Kline, 2002; Hua, 2007). In addition, the development of technology has an impact to the way of build relationship between human beings and their work environment (Samani & Rasid, 2017).

Recently, open space layout comes as a popular layout concept in the name of “creativity”, “collaboration”, and “flexible” by displacing cubicles and making people more visible but in fact, when the firms switched to open offices, face-to-face interactions fell by 70%, while electronic interactions increased  (Bernstein & Waber, 2019).

On the other side, Hwang & Kim (2013); Samani, Rasid, & Sofian (2015) said that open-plan designs have been found to enhance the social interactions that contribute to creativity, even, they also decrease employees’ sense of personal control and increase the likelihood of distraction, which can affect individuals’ satisfaction with both their environment and outcomes 


For me, as an introvert who enjoy working in the quiteness, I'd choose to work behind a cubicle or at the private room, due to noise level at the open space. In addition, based on my experience, since I always keep my desk clean, i know exactly what i put in my desk. But sometimes, i should greet a newcomers in my desk like coffee glass, plate, paper, etc. That i don't even know how and why it comes to my desk. To be honest, those condition makes me a lil bit stress and makes my work didn’t perform well. So, I choose to move at the meeting room to work there without distruption and fully focused.

I might be enjoying the open space design, if everyone knows that we SHOULD respect to the other privacy (for ex : play music via headset, keep your volume when talking, keep the desk clean), because everybody has their own way and enjoyment to work and build relationships effectively.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

What Are You Doing in The (Office) Toilet?

What do you think about toilet/bathroom/restroom (you named it) ? Did u know that some people use toilet as the place where they can spend “ME TIME” especially at the office.
Based on my conversation to my several friends, they use toilet for :
  1. Sleep
  2. Online shopping 
  3. Looking for ideas
  4. Just need some peace or refreshment
  5. Entertainment (playing games, watching drama)
Personally, sometimes I use toilet for expressing my emotion especially crying.

After I've done a lil research at the internet, the above responses are really exist not only for me and my friends, but also people out there. Based on The Cut survey about Everything We Know About Human Bathroom Behavior :
75% of people use their phones in the bathroom; 63% have answered a call, 41%have initiated a call, and 10% have “made an online purchase.” As a result, as many as one in six cell phones might be contaminated by poo. Which calls to mind a related factoid: that 8% of people also admit they’ve eaten in the bathroom.
Another survey on Huff Post about This Is What Everybody Really Does In The Office Bathroom, said :
24 percent talk on the phone.
22 percent change clothes.
15 percent put on makeup.
15 percent take a break to be alone for a little while.
11 percent take a break to release frustration.
10 percent have private conversations face to face.
8 percent take a shower.
7 percent take a break to cry.
7 percent smoke.
6 percent just keep working and sending emails.5 percent eat some food.3 percent take a nap.3 percent exercise.
The result that make me surprised was the use of toilet for eat and exercise. Are you really can enjoy it? LOL. The one thing that I need to tell is what ever you are doing in the toilet please be responsible to keep the toilet and yourself clean by flushing the toilet, wiping the the toilet seat, also washing your hand and cleaning your phone.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

I am Not As Ok As You Seen

If someday I died. I just want people know, that actually i am not ok as long as I lifed. I wear a mask.
If I said I am kind of ambisious person, that just because I want to forget or atleast i am trying for not allowing myself to think about something that I won't remember. If u read my previous article if I said "something bad happened" thats what I mean.
Been so hard to try, but I can't.

I am not ok.

But thank you for people who always surrounded me by love. Much appreciate but sorry I still can't.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Why am I taking a Master School? Is That a False Consciousness?

Where is a why there is beacuse.
But please let me give kind of prologue before I answer the "Why".
Since long time ago, I had a dream to take a master abroad. At that time, I'd love to looking for information, attending an educational exhibition, trying an fellowship, etc. But, dream just only dream flying without direction, going to nowhere, because I didn't give my maximum effort and not focus to reach it.
Until one day, there's something bad happened to my life and I think that's my turning point and remind me to go back on my track.
Long story short, I asked my cousin to join me trying a Master School test at one of university in Indonesia. I studied a lil bit harder than before. Fortunately, I passed the test and officially become a Master of Communications Management student.

If you read to my story, I am sure most of you will think that I finally get what I want.
But, I am sorry I am not. Why???

To be honest, I don't know is that really something that I want? I just escaping from my past? I don't want my time wasted to remember my bad memories, or this is the way to show my self actualization?. In my studies, it called "false consciousness" by Friedrich Engels. False Consciousness described as simple as we doin something due to trapped by dominant ideology (e.g. I studied because I want to get a title)(Pines,1993). In the other hand, we really don't know what exactly we r doin. We don't have a free will to our ideology.

So, if I trying to answer the title above, I will say I don't want to waste my time to remember something that I wouldn't do. 

Dear myself, I know you can do it.

Do you have a confusion that u wanna share with me?

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Coincidence or The Sign of The Fate?

Last year, when I back to my hometown, I found a book which I bought in 2010 before I became a communications student at Diponegoro University. I was surprised when I read the author's name. Because now, he becomes my lecturer in Management of Communication Sciences at University of Indonesia.
Another story
Today I really want to write something on my blog, then I look for a book where I used to write my draft. Before writings my idea, I read one page that I wrote in April 2018 :

Silly prayer, but actually I found him in June 2019.

Coincidence or Path of Fate?

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Dear God,

I am sure You know exactly what I feel, even I can't describe it well.
Thank u for giving me all of the opportunities, to running it well, and even You give me a pebble, You give me more power to handle it.
You show me people who loves me.
You show me who's friend and who's fri-END is.
Since, I am still the one who need Your support, please don't stop loving me, and make me somebody who always put You become my very first.


Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The Use of Child Soldiers in Armed Combat

This is my writing in my tumblr before....

Every child has a big dream. Do you remember? When we was on the elementary school, our teacher asked, “What is your dream, dear?” and we answered enthusiastly , “ I want to be a doctor”, “I want to be like you Ma’am I want to teach the child like you do”, “I want to be an architect because I want to make a house for my parents…” and many more.

But, what can we see now? A war in a several country, because of ego from the adults (major), destroyed that dreams. 
“..I had a dream my life would be 
So different from this hell I am living 
So different now from what it seem. 
Now life has killed the dream i dreamed” 
(I  Dreamed a Dream- populareted by Sussan Boyle)
Probably this song can explain how deep down from their children’s heart. Different with the child from the other country, they who lived in the war country, have to “kill” they dreams. They are still 14-18 years old, but they have to be a “volunteer” into a combat. The boys  have to be a “volunteer” for a war because of family pressure, political reasons, and the main factor is major determinant (ex: at Libya’s war) and the girls forced to have a marriage, victim of domestic violence, exploitation and abuse.

Are they thinking about the impact for childs?  Are they just emphasizing their ego?  They are ours, they are our next generation, they will make extraordinary breaktrough to solve the conflict without war.  Are they (who forced the children to be child soldier) ever thought that the children have to reach their dreams? Did  they hear their conscience? How dare they sacrifice the children dreams just for a POWER so the children got the injury or got killed?
            I think we will verry happy when we can hold each other on, no more child soldiers in armed combat. 
 “…event though we are not the same different ways 
and we walk on different path different road in this life 
can we hold each other hand together in this world 
and be as one
It will be a better place better hope
place that gives up peace of mind filled with love no more tears 
place where you and I can love 
no more cries on this life 
the place for us to be one..”
(To be One- Gita Gutawa)
 What a wonderful world if we are UNITED.