Saturday, 10 November 2018

REHAT (Take a Break)

First, kindly listen to this song REHAT (in english : BREAK).

My life was full filled by my ambitions. I have to a, b, c, d, to many things. Start from important things like career, education, wealth, until trivial things like weight, cloth, food. Until sometimes I get dizzy with myself because my brain wants to explode fighting with my ideal, I HAVE TO GET EVERYTHING.
I am even become so hard on myself. I forgot everything because I dedicated everything to get what I wanted to. After I got A, I run to B, looked for another door. NEVER ENDING DOOR. Just because I can not only be satisfied. Until if the result’s lower of my EXPECTATION, I got sick, inner sick. Tearless cry, unspoken anger, feel empty, blame myself. At this point I reached my limit and asked, "What do I want".
At the moment, I realized that it’s important to take a break like song above because we need it. We need a space to contemplate, talk to Allah, flashback for all of our efforts, remember the support around us and Allah intervention. Then be grateful, arrange the priority, take a deep breath, and start again with a calmly rhythm. Let the universe work.
Tenangkan hati
Semua ini bukan salahmu
Jangan berhenti
Yang kau takutkan
Takkan terjadi